How to Survive Office Holiday Parties with Style

As you know, my parties have become legendary throughout the feline world.  I love nothing better than to host a swinging soirée for my friends and minions.  However, there is a certain etiquette one must follow in order to have the evening a memorable event for all the right reasons.  Here are a few tips I offer to those who are unsure of the boundaries between work and play.

LolaOfficeParty_finalDrink in moderation.  A free bar at a company event should never turn into an all you can drink binge night with your gang.  If you decide to drink, take it slow. Drink a glass of water or juice between each alcoholic beverage.  The moment you think it is a great idea to teach the CFO how to pole dance on a table without a pole is the time to leave.

Wear appropriate attire.  If the event is after hours or at a special venue, it’s not a night at the club.  Your managers and piers should recognize your wonderful personality and not the lack of clothing you are wearing.

Socialize.  An office function is your opportunity to mingle and get to know fellow associates and for them to get to know you.  This doesn’t mean hovering around the CEO like a pesky fly and making any senior managers uncomfortable.

Beware the mistletoe.  Socializing at the office party is one thing, suddenly realizing your tongue is down the throat of that certain person in accounting is quite another.  You must be respectful of everyone at the event and save the date night for something a little more private.

For many Office functions there will be important clients attending and you are there to represent the company as well as yourself.

Just be your best, fun self and know that you will avoid embarrassing photos being shared the next day if you don’t drunkenly pose for them in the first place.

Wishing you a feline fun and shame free holiday!

Lola Cat

Chief Feline Officer and Fashion Cat
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