Lola’s Deep Dark Secret

Dear Readers,

I have recently discovered that my deepest darkest secret is about to be sold to a ratty tabloid.  Out of respect for my loyal following I feel the need to tell you the truth first.  You might be surprised to learn that before my life of privilege in my penthouse with my very caring foster mom, I was destitute, alone and forced to seek shelter.  Yes, that is correct.  I may be a purebred, but I am adopted; I am a rescue. There, the secret is out.

With my pending birthday approaching, I have been soul searching for an appropriate way to mark the event, as well as help the many kitties that are not as fortunate as me.

When my mom asked how I wanted to celebrate the auspicious day of my birth, I made two very specific demands:

1) Throw a big party (of course), which I can follow online from the safety of my fur-lined sanctuary.  Let the humans eat cake.

2) Raise funds for the Wonder Cat Rescue so that my fellow destitute brothers and sisters may have hopes and dreams of a chance to enjoy a luxurious life of champagne, caviar, and a wonderful, doting family like mine.

Lolas_Birthday_9-26-14My demands have been surpassed, and my minions have put together a very clever virtual Birthday party – and YOU are invited!  You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your desk, just visit on LinkedIn or Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you there, where you can wish me a Happy Birthday, on Friday September 26th.

Every birthday wish will mean a donation from Alan J. Blair to Wonder Cat Rescue, with bonus donations if you “like” or “share” my party photos.

Visit the Wonder Cat Rescue website.  Maybe your new fluffy feline friend is there waiting for you!

Best wishes,


Chief Feline Officer For Alan J. Blair Personnel
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