Mark Your Calendars 9/21/15

Lola's Birthday2015

Mark your calendars. Monday September 21st is my birthday! Of course I am much too demure to mention it myself, but it seems my minions at Alan J. Blair like to make a rather large event of it, as they should!

Being the Social Media Tycoon that I am, my minions are holding a Virtual Online Extravaganza Birthday Celebration for ‘moi’ on our Facebook page!

Please visit the page and wish me a Happy Birthday in the comments section on Monday September 21st.

I will be monitoring the attendance from the comfort of my fur throw in my luxury penthouse and will be taking notes as to who wishes me a happy birthday on the page, and more importantly the distasteful few that do not! See you online, my kittens!

Yours truly,


Chief Feline Officer and Fashion Cat
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