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Job Board vs Recruiters

Dear Lola*Cat,

Which is better: agencies or the internet job boards / websites when looking for a job?

~Job Hunting Jen

Dear Job Hunter Jen-

I love this time of year because my human installs a massive new plaything called a Christmas tree just for my entertainment. When I was a kitten, I would leap from the tree to the curtains like an Olympic gymnast. Alas, being more Rubenesque now, I settle for tearing the paper off the packages and rolling around in the ribbon. Of course once my human arrives, I feign innocence and bemusedly watch the look of horror on her face when she sees the mess I’ve made. Cats; gotta love us.

But enough of my adventures – to your question!

A job description is the purview of a job board but there is always SO much more to every job and every candidate. One could never describe my position a in a simple job description. I can stretch across any laptop keyboard and nap there any time of day. I can also type 78 keys strokes a SECOND (but only when rolling over to stretch). It’s a skill, but doesn’t explain the delight I give my human whenever I do this. I am much more than a resume and I want my skills and personality matched with the right position as I’m sure you do too. A job board just can’t do that.

When looking for an Executive Assistant role, the matching of your personality type with the manager you would be supporting is vital. Job board descriptions are such a yawn. They give you the hard facts about the skills and experience needed, but not the inside scoop as to why the position is open, or the soft skills that would make one successful in the role. You might have all the hard skills for the position but will you and the manager be a power team or a power struggle? You’ll never get that info from a job board.

When working with a well-respected firm such as Alan J. Blair, you are partnered with a recruiter who represents you to their clients and will guide you through each stage of the interviewing process. They sit down with you, face to face, in order to understand which personality would be the best match for you as well as the client. Personally, I love all that attention.

The bother of job boards is you never know if you are being considered for a position. You can send your resume out into the ether and never know if it’s been reviewed or not. I do not like being ignored and much prefer to pick up the phone and check in with my recruiter.

Be sure to do the same and you will no doubt be celebrating a new career!

Meow meow my little kittens!


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