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Lola's Top Secret Guide to Discussing Salary

Dear Lola*Cat,

I am about to go into my 1st interview with a company I love and am not sure how to discuss my salary expectations. Should I mention it first so we don’t waste time if it isn’t a match? Talking about money always makes me uncomfortable. Please help me.

Yours truly, Ms. Moneypenny

Dear Ms. Moneypenny –

Do you happen to know my dear friend, James Bond? Being an international feline socialite, one naturally requires a very high standard of living. James knows this about me quite well. My meals must be served on the finest porcelain and my nails must always be kept pink and perfect. It is imperative that my human makes lots of money in order to maintain the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to.

The discussion of money may seem harrowing, but it’s not nearly as dangerous as, say, repelling off the side of a skyscraper. Salary, if broached in the correct manner and at the right time, can lead to accepting an offer that everyone is happy with.

This is a major advantage of working with the sterling team at Alan J. Blair Personnel. Your recruiter will negotiate the salary for you so you need not be bothered with such a tawdry thing.

Here are my top secret guidelines to discussing salary with a potential employer:

Know before you go. Would James Bond go in head long without knowing what he’s getting into? Ok, he might, but you are not a world-class spy with a license to kill are you? No. So do your research on what the local and national salary ranges are for the position you are applying for.

Mind your P’s and $’s Do not mention salary until they broach the subject with you. You want the potential employer to fall in love with you and your talents first before discussing your salary expectations.

Diplomacy If pushed for a number, stay positive and start the conversation by stating how much you love the company and position and that you know they will be fair in their offer. If pushed further, you can mention your past salary history and what you hope to earn. Back it up with your worth and reasons why you are looking for that amount.

No fibbing Kittens beware. Do not lie about your salary history. If the potential employer finds any discrepancies in your information, it will only make them wonder what else you have lied about and will certainly disqualify you.

Remember that you are a ferocious feline so be proud of your superstar talents. This will help you confidently represent yourself to your future employer and get that top-grade salary.

Best wishes on your interview, Lola*Cat Chief Feline Officer and International Cat of Mystery

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