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What Not To Wear To Work

You are probably aware that I am the leading Cat in the world of Recruiting, but along with my human companion, fashion has always been a passion of mine.  We chuckle and hiss at our favorite show TLC’s What Not to Wear.   You humans have the funniest idea of what looks good on you.  Those things you call Ugg boots are hysterical!

I’ve already advised on how to dress properly for an interview, but it has come to my attention that once on the job, the subject of what is appropriate to wear desperately needs some of my expert guidance.  A reader recently emailed me about an employee wearing sweats pants to the office.  The horror!

No matter what your work environment is like - casual to corporate, sweat pants should never been seen outside the gym.  A number of other items are also career-hijacking no-no’s.

What NOT to Wear to Work

  • Sweat Pants (this includes track pants even if they are the latest Adidas)

  • Yoga Pants

  • Flip Flops

  • Anything Body-Con (ultra tight, form fitting clothes)

  • Strapless anything (Unless you have on a jacket or sweater you plan not to take off while at work).

  • Clothing with stains, rips or even a missing button

  • T-shirts

  • Running shoes

  • Any top that shows any hint of cleavage

  • Even in our metropolitan fashion forward city, you will see these fashion ‘don’ts’ at work and it makes this cat want to yowl!

Of course knowing what not to wear is only half the battle.  Knowing how to dress and take pride in your appearance is key to success in any career.  Trust me, you will get noticed and garner much more positive attention when you come to work every day looking well put together.  Not only that, but studies have shown that being well dressed can actually help your productivity.

It doesn’t matter if work for a start-up where the CEO sports a hoodie and sneakers every day, you can model a a professional look without looking un-hip.  Taking pride in what you wear shows you take pride in what you do!

Here are some easy tips you can start following now to polish your work style:

For Men

Wear a collared shirt.

Tuck your shirt in.

Wear a shirt with long sleeves / buttons.

Ditch those sneakers for a good quality pair of leather shoes.

For Women

Class-up a plain blouse with a scarf or necklace.

Wear a structured jacket over a dress.

Make sure your handbag and shoes aren’t scuffed and looking worn.

If you plan on wearing an outfit to the club later, wear it to the club and not to work.

There are many resources to help you achieve a winning style and my minions have put together a handy list for you below. You can also follow our very popular ‘Career Wear’ board on Pinterest.

I’m sure in no time you will be looking and feeling purrrfect about your professional look at work.

Yours truly, Lola*Cat Chief Feline Officer and Fashion Cat Have a question for Lola? We dare you to ask her. Email:

Great resources for looking your best at work:

Personal styling online with new outfits sent every month. Stitchfix (for women) and Bombfell (for men)Many fine stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom's have personal shoppers to help guide you to your best look.How to dress for work wiki Work wear fashion blog Work dress codes explained Some of your favorite television shows can inspire you with some good looks, go retro with a Mad Men look, or the classic styles on The Good Wife  or the highly sophisticated fashion on Suits.

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