Starting In a New Position

Happy Holidays my kittens! I have been busy assisting my human with rescuing a poor delicate stray kitten, Sally, and I must apologize profusely for not addressing my adoring public sooner.  Training a new cat how to act in my … Continue reading

Why look at Temporary to Hire.

Once I reported I would not be running for Purrrresident it seemed the cat fighting, or what you humans call the “election” started.  I am already the resident President of my own White House and far too busy with my … Continue reading

Major Announcement!

Hello my kittens. I have a major announcement to make to you, my adoring fans. It is with a heavy heart and paw that I am announcing my retirement as superstar columnist and internationally renowned career confidant. I can hear … Continue reading

Executive Assistant Networking To The Top

In my previous life as a kitty survivor of the Pound, locked up behind bars, doing time in the big house, I was the Queen B on my block! I could ‘network’ with anyone. I had the new inmate kitties … Continue reading

How To Become an Executive Assistant

Since my last enthralling post, I have been inundated with letters from readers asking how they can break into the exciting and lucrative world of being an Executive Assistant. People’s ideas of an Executive Assistant usually range anywhere from The … Continue reading

Thank You Card or Email?

Dear Lola*Cat, I schedule many of the interviews and receive many of the email thank you messages and cards from candidates and recruiting agencies. It got me thinking – when is it appropriate to send a written thank you card … Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media and Job Hunting

Dear Lola*Cat – How can I use social media to my advantage when job hunting? Thanks, ~Susan Dear Susan,  Excellent question my little kitten. Firstly though, I have a cat rant: I must address this human fascination for shooting off … Continue reading