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Starting In a New Position

Happy Holidays my kittens!

I have been busy assisting my human with rescuing a poor delicate stray kitten, Sally, and I must apologize profusely for not addressing my adoring public sooner.  Training a new cat how to act in my mansion is a full-time job, and it takes many a scuffle and spat to “teach” her how to act around me.  She is a poor neglected thing, and I am enjoying having a new play mate that I can stalk and pounce on whenever I see fit. It is good for her nerves after living in the wilds of the Bay Area.

That made me think of useful advice I thought others might need to have when starting a new job in the New Year.  It can be a very scary time and some might not have a leader like me ready to pounce on them at any moment. So here are the top 5 things you should do when starting in a new position.

1. Ask lots of questions. If you are cross training with someone in your new role, now is the time to ask any questions about things that remain unclear regarding office policies and procedures. This is especially true when it comes to the intricacies of how the executive you are supporting likes certain things handled.

E.g.) Do they like their kitty litter warmed in the morning, or have their salmon and gravy served alamode with a side of kibble. All very important things to a feline executive such as myself.

2. Take lots of notes.  Make the most of your trainer’s knowledge. You don’t want to raise a red flag because you ask the same questions over and over again. Having notes to refer to can be a life saver, especially when it’s busy and you are left alone to your own devices. Whenever I have a sitter I make sure that my human has gone over the Bible of notes I have created to ensure my comfort, nutrition and rest are not compromised.

3. Don’t get involved in Office Politics.  A new office can be a mine field of personalities and you never want to get involved in any personal issues. Remember, you are there to do your job and be great at it. I see other strays outside my window every day, but I don’t invite them in. Who knows what they will bring into the house. Mo’ cats, mo’ problems.

4. Ask if there is anything they would like for you to improve upon. Once you have mastered your day to day responsibilities, take the extra step and see if you can improve anything for your team. Finding small ways to save time, money and effort will only put you in a positive light. You don’t ever want to overstep your boundaries but if it can help you team by looking at alternatives, do it!

5. Finally, and most importantly, don’t be late!  Tardiness is one of the top reasons why employees don’t last the trial period in a new position.  Being at your desk working at the start of each day is essential to being a reliable and crucial team member. Even when you have a flexible schedule, it is still always better to be reliable than not.  It is a small thing, but everyone notices.  I have fired many sitters for not arriving when they said they would, or not having my food heated, tested and ready for my consumption.

Now, please excuse me as I must check in on Sally’s progress and make sure she is not lounging on my side of the couch. There is also a scraggly looking mother cat outside I must stare down through the window for the rest of the afternoon to make sure she does not break into my mansion.  Happy Holidays my kittens and here’s to a purrrfect New Year full of kibble and play toys.


Peetie Cat

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