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Why look at Temporary to Hire roles.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Once I reported I would not be running for Purrrresident it seemed the cat fighting, or what you humans call the “election” started.  I am already the resident President of my own White House and far too busy with my own affairs of state, such as the ferocious stray circling by the back door.  He’s ready to pounce and invade so I’m keeping my eye on him.

I’ve been thinking about the different options for candidates starting a new job, whether it be presidential or administrative. The President might do well starting in a temp-to-hire capacity.  Give the new President a try, and if the feline population and humans agree to keep him/her, so be it.  Why do some companies like to hire people through a temp-to-hire process rather than direct hire? Luckily for you, my adoring followers out there, our expert recruiters at Alan J. Blair have extensive experience placing candidates in both scenarios, and I am happy to clear up this question for you.  Prrrr, you’re welcome.

Direct Hire:

This is most like the election process here in the USA.  The “candidate” is an employee of the company and on their payroll starting day one. There is usually a probation, or trial period, for the first couple of months before benefits kick in.  Once the candidate is chosen, the jobs is theirs.  Us kittens are stuck with them whether they blow up the country in the process or not!  I will be thankful of my nine lives then! Meowww!

On the other paw, there is the Temp-To-Hire scenario:

In this circumstance it is the intention of the company to convert the chosen candidate into a salaried position after a certain amount of time.  During the trial period the candidate is employed on an hourly basis and on the agency’s payroll. The time period is typically one to three months, after which they are converted to a salaried basis. This, in my opinion, is what the humans of the USA should do with this new President. I might be a young feline but I don’t mind saying so myself, I am quite brilliant!

Why do companies do this I hear you purrrr?

For some it is matter of circumstance. The company may be refilling a position and have an immediate need.  This again might happen with the next President for various reasons we can all think of.  Bringing in a temp-to-hire candidate can be advantageous to both the employer and the employee because they have the opportunity to get to know each other.  There’s none of that chasing your tail through three rounds of interviews, tests, etc. The candidate can use the temporary period as a working interview; an opportunity to prove themselves as the marvelous moggy that they are!

Some clients like to see how a candidate will settle into a position and have the opportunity to look at their overall style of work over a three-month period. They do this to ensure that it is a purrrfect fit for both the candidate and themselves.  What a fantastic furball idea.  Why didn’t I think of that?!

Either way, if you are available to start work immediately, looking at temp-to-hire and direct hire positions can open up a greater number of opportunities for you.  You can earn a weekly paycheck, (or weekly funds for catnip) while temping, and this also allows time for your employer to fall head over paws in love with you.

Yours truly,

Peetie Cat, CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

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