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Recent Graduates: What to Expect When Entering the Job Market

You just graduated from college – congratulations!! And…. What now??

Negotiating your way through finding your very first dream job can be stressful and as challenging as taking the final exams! Luckily, we at Alan J. Blair Personnel have over 45 years of experience guiding first-time employees through the minefield of the corporate world.

Our Sr. Recruiter, Milla Milojkovic, recently spoke about the tips and tricks that can make this transition so much easier.

Here are a few of her suggestions to help you. Contact us if you want to find out more about what makes us so successful in placing recent graduates in life-changing careers.

How and Why to Work with Recruiters

Once you put your resume online, you will be contacted by multiple recruiters. Remember, recruiters are there to help you! Be open to conversations with them; they will give you free advice on effective resume writing and how to approach interviews. They have large professional networks that you can tap into, and can also share their first-hand perspective on the current job market for new graduates. There is no reason not to devote a 20-to-30-minute conversation to discuss your goals and the position they seek to fill. It is free advice from an expert!

Compensation Targets

Be open to beginning salaries that might be a bit lower than your expectations. Employers who are willing to bring you on with a good education but limited experience are prepared to invest in your growth and career. They also expect that you will provide a return on their investment and will raise and/or promote you accordingly. Most often, it’s a matter of getting your foot in the door of a company that wants to see you grow and succeed. A starting salary is exactly that, a place to start and not where you will end up.

Remote/ Hybrid Work Schedules

Take this off your list of things to prioritize in your search for your first corporate position. The federal government (and the world at large) is no longer acknowledging Covid-19 as a public health crisis. Yes, some employers have continued to allow some staff to work mostly remotely going forward – this is for staff that have proven themselves to be just as effective and productive at home over the course of the pandemic. You are not in this position; you will be expected to prove yourself, and the best way to do so is to be present physically with your team and willing to absorb all the non-digital information that will help you succeed in your new role.

Be Open To All Conversations

Now is the time to build your network of professional colleagues! This means that you should go out of your way to make a nice, lasting impression on any person you interact with professionally. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area especially, we are in a micro-economy with at most 6 degrees of separation among working professionals. Your name and reputation will follow you, so now is the time to get people to remember how positive and hardworking you are! Kindness and respect that are delivered authentically do not go unnoticed.

You can read more about how to approach your first job search here;

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