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How To Dress Purrrfectly for Your Interview

Hi Lola*Cat,

I have a question regarding my appearance at job interviews.  I have a Russian Blue who sheds like CRAZY and my clothes are always covered in his hair...even clothes I've just washed!  I can't for the life of me keep it off my clothes.  I spend 20 minutes with a roller and a damp rag and can get most of it off, but somehow my clothes are covered again by the time I get to the interview.  One time I went on vacation to Maui without my cat, bought a brand new shirt and khaki pants, and STILL managed to get covered in cat hair.

My question is: Do you think cat hair on my clothes would HURT my chances at landing the job, or HELP?

On the one paw, I would think it would help because it would make it obvious that I have a cat, and cat people are proven to be smarter, more productive people.

On the other paw, what if (god forbid) the hiring manager was not a cat person? I know it's terrible that we live in a world where not everyone loves cats, but until it's illegal there's not much we can do about it.

Actually, thinking about it further, I'm not sure I would even want to work for someone who didn't like cats.  But I really need a job!

Any thoughts?

Signed, Covered in cat hair and not sure of its impact on my chances in a job interview situation

Dear  ‘Covered in Cat Hair’ or CICH for short –

No one wears feline fur better then I, and although I’m sure CICH, your Russian Blue has a divine coat, I just have so much more of it!  I am constantly getting comments on how soft and luxurious it is.

As for humans wearing feline fur, some cats think it’s cute but your interviewer will just think you are sloppy.

Your interview suit should be sharp, neat, and simple.  The potential employer should focus on your personality and skills and not ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are wearing.

Here are a few options that should help:

  • Create a cat hair free zone in your home.  Your kitty won't like it but that can't be helped.

  • Equip yourself with an industrial vacuum cleaner and wide masking tape.

  • Employ these to your clothes in your cat “safe zone” right before your interview.

  • Russian Blue’s have fine charcoal gray fur, so consider investing in some suits that match the color of your cat.  That way if you miss some hair, it will blend in.  Feel free to take your kitty with you to the shops so you can hold him up against the suits to get a good match. 😅

Being dressed neatly and cat hair free is also considerate of those poor souls who are allergic to cat hair.  Although these humans should be pitied deeply, you are there to show off your best qualities and not cause a sneezing fit.

Whether your potential employer is ‘feline phobic’ or not must not enter into your decision to take the job.  Your cat won’t care whom you work for, as long as you come home and give him all the attention he requires.

Yours truly,


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