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Is Temp Work Really Worth The Bother?

Hello Kitties! I know you’ve missed me, but my life is a hectic cycle of eating, sleeping, and Skyping with my beau, Henri.  Then I received a letter from a person in need and I have jumped to my iPad to respond!

Dear Lola*Cat,

I’ve done some temp work before and it was ok but I am in search of a full time position and am wondering if doing temp work is really worth the bother. Shouldn’t I be spending all my time on my job search?

Tallulah Tempy Pants

Dear Tallulah,

Taking temporary work is most certainly worth the bother!

The job search can be a cruel and torturous journey filled with lulls and peaks of energy and interviewing. If you are working with a recruiting agency, you should also meet with their temporary division- especially ours at Alan J. Blair - we are the best after all.

Temporary employment is beneficial to you for a number of reasons.

Money (Ok, shoes) Let’s face it, money is money and it’s good to have more then less of it. Besides, what if you are on your lunch break from a temp job and you see an amazing pair of shoes that you are sure will impress during your next interview? If you are working, you’re far more able to afford them. If you are saving every penny and not working, you’ll be pressing your pretty face to the window looking longingly at them instead.

Get out of the house. Going off to temporary work gets you out of that frightful sweat suit you’ve been wearing for the past week. Having a regular schedule of getting out and going to work has proven to help people stay positive, and upbeat. It’s a new day and who knows what could happen, or who you could meet.

It allows you to show off. I love showing off especially if there is a camera in the room. Have you seen my exercise video on YouTube? Jane Fonda eat your heart out darling.

Where was I? Oh yes showing off.

Companies are used to having temps come in, do their work then go home. If you go above and beyond the call of duty- ask for more work when you complete a project, or ask if there is any one else that might use your assistance trust me, the company will take note. They may not have a position at the moment, but the crew at AJB constantly gets calls from clients to see if a particular person is available again. That person could be you!

Doing temporary work allows you to prove yourself rather hope your resume is picked up and noticed.

Most of us don’t have a picture perfect resume that exactly matches what the requirements are on a job description. Temping in the position is a phenomenal way to prove that you may not have exactly the education or experience they originally thought they needed, but you have the personality and skills to succeed in the position.

Make the most of every opportunity you are given. It might just lead you to your next position in your superstar career.

Yours truly, Lola*Cat

Do you have a job seeking or office etiquette question for Lola*Cat? Send her an email:

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